Lest we Forget… And Lose what makes America the Land of Liberty.  We elect our public servants, and our vote is their command.  Until it is not.

Liberty and Justice for ALL

Long May It Wave

My blood and the blood of my ancestors runs deep in this land, more deeply than, and often in battle against, the seekers of liberty from around the globe that have raised the flag that now unites us.  And yet we struggle to honor the peace that is in our hands.

Please be an example of peace and courage and a guide for others as you go out into the world…

I am a member of the HUMAN RACE.  I seek communion with ALL members. Please raise your hand if you are a member of the HUMAN RACE and seek PEACE with all who raise their hands. Every HUMAN LIFE is SACRED by whatever creed and  teaching we follow.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion - Office of Diversity ...

When I was young my teachers taught that our religion and our politics were a private matter between ourselves and our interpretation of the SPIRIT WORLD and the voting booth, respectively.

What has happened that caused us to lose the confidence in that privacy and self-possession, such that we seek to find a public expression of these private matters, and seek to do violence upon our brothers and sisters who do not share our views exactly?

Have we lost confidence in our own views and our ability to share, argue and discuss them with DECORUM (a lost word if ever there was one) to the extent that we have suffered an infection that is a virus of the mind and spirit?

Awake ye seekers of PEACE and find it in your neighbors next door and in your public officials and in your fellow HUMANS across the seas and over the mountains.